Q. How to prepare images for print bleeding and what is the safe area for ensuring my design is not cut off?


Print bleeding

To accommodate for print bleeding (yellow border area on image), there is an additional 36-72 pixels (3-6mm) removed from each dimension (18-36 pixels each side based on a 150DPI image), therefore you will see 18-36 pixels cut off each side of your images that you upload. If your image upload is 300DPI, then the bleeding area for each side would multiply to 36-72px (2x(18-36px)). This is industry practice to allow printing to the edge without seeing inconsistent white gaps.

Safe Area

See the image size uploads below and what to allow for bleeding which is in the range 18-36 pixels (3-6mm) each side based on a 150DPI image. The Safe Area is highlighted with a red dotted line (required only on some sizes) and is a further 18-36 pixels (3-6mm) each side based on a 150DPI image. Keep text and other important parts of your design, image, or photo inside the Safe Area! During the production of your puzzle, some of the content outside the safe area may be cut off. Everything inside the safe area will be preserved. Note that the red dotted line will not be printed but for your reference only.

Simple answer
Basically, please keep everything you want printed inside of the red dotted lines. There is a small chance that anything in the gap between the yellow border and red dotted line to be cut off during production.

puzzle bleeding area

Puzzle size Minimum image upload Bleeding
(based on 150DPI image)
20"x28" 4272 x 3072 pixels 9mm (36px)
18"x24" 3672 x 2772 pixels 9mm (36px)
12"x16.5" 2503 x 1866 pixels 4.5mm (18px)
5"x7" 1086 x 786 pixels 4.5mm (18px) + (4.5mm (18px) for safe area)
Heart shaped 1350 x 1087 pixels 4.5mm (18px)
8x10 1536 x 1236 pixels 4.5mm (18px)
Round shaped 1123 x 1123 pixels 4.5mm (18px)
Tray puzzle 1770 x 1470 pixels 4.5mm (18px)

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