Turn your Custom Designs into Jigsaw Puzzles

Choose from our range of different sizes and shapes

custom large jigsaw

29.5 x 38.5 inch [2000pcs]

Our largest puzzle to date is the custom 2000 piece puzzle set. It’s a giant puzzle and surely the most challenging one too. Great for family gatherings and events.

as low as $25.99
custom large jigsaw

19.75 x 28 inch [1000pcs]

Another popular choice is the 1000 piece set which for many, is their favorite type and size. Perfect for landscape and portrait images.

as low as $13.99
jigsaw 500pc

18 x 24 inch [70/500pcs]

Choose a large puzzle with 70 or 500 pieces making this jigsaw a suitable choice for kids as well as adults. Customize your design and choose number of pieces.

Type: as low as $11.99
12 x 16.5 inch custom photo jigsaw

12 x 16.5 inch [54/285pcs]

This is our most popular personalized puzzle size which comes with a choice of 54 or 285 pieces. Great for reselling or as personalized gift for friends and family.

Type: as low as $6.49
custom photo jigsaw

8 x 10 inch [12/100pcs]

8x 10 inch puzzles are perfect for business promotions or for kids who are just getting into jigsaw puzzles. Start them off on this size before moving up the scale.

Type: as low as $5.49
5 x 7 inch custom photo jigsaw

5 x 7 inch [12pcs]

Custom invitation puzzles are perfect as an invite with a gimmick, making sure your recipients will notice your event whether it's a wedding or corporate.

Type: as low as $1.49
3.5 x 5 inch custom photo jigsaw

3.5 x 5 inch [24pcs]

Custom small invitation puzzles are perfect as an invite or giveaway for friends or corporate. Great to print your personal images, company logo or messages on it.

Type: as low as $1.19
Mini Puzzles

Mini Puzzles [154pcs]

Personalize one of the world's smallest and trendiest puzzle sets with your own photos. Choice of colored stands and comes with a matching personalized box for a complete gift set.

as low as $5.95
custom heart jigsaw

Heart Puzzles [36pcs]

Love someone enough to send them a personalized heart puzzle? Comes with a colored hanging or standing frame for free.

Type: as low as $5.49
custom rounded jigsaw

Round Puzzles [26/72pcs]

Send round puzzles bearing your company logo and details to your client list or to small kids who prefer special shapes. Great for all occasions.

Type: as low as $3.49
custom tray jigsaw

Tray Puzzles [12/100pcs]

Custom tray puzzles are for those who would like to keep their completed puzzles intact and used as a display in the home or office desk.

Type: as low as $5.49
custom collage jigsaw

Collage Puzzles [Many designs]

Choose from a number of different collage photo jigsaw puzzle designs from our range to create a multi-image custom jigsaw.

Sizes: as low as $1.49
custom magnetic jigsaw

Magnetic Puzzles [Different sizes]

Our custom magnetic puzzles are great for the home and office. Each piece contains a magnetic layer to stick onto metal surfaces. Great as magnets.

Sizes: as low as $2.19
custom double sided jigsaw

Double-Sided Puzzles [Different sizes]

If the traditional jigsaw puzzle is not complicated enough for you, try our custom made double sided puzzles for a challenge.

Sizes: as low as $2.29
custom panoramic jigsaw

Panoramic Puzzles

Turn your scenic panoramic photos into 1000 piece panoramic jigsaw puzzles. Perfect as house and office wall decor.

Sizes: as low as $23.99
Number Puzzles

Number-Shaped Puzzles

We have number jigsaw puzzles in the shape of number 0 to 9 for customization with your photos and designs. Perfect for birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate events.

as low as $6.49
Plastic Puzzles

Plastic Puzzles

Make your memories last longer with personalized plastic puzzles.

Sizes: as low as $2.75
Wooden Puzzles

Wooden Puzzles

Make beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzles printed with your photos and cut traditionally or irregularly.

Sizes: as low as $3.99
Lenticular Puzzles

Lenticular Puzzles

Create your own animated puzzles with two of your favorite photos. We convert them to magic motion of 2-flip photos to rotate and flip alternately.

as low as $2.49
plain white jigsaw puzzle

Plain Blank Puzzles

Do you need plain white jigsaw puzzles which are left completely blank for you to draw or write on? Great for artists and for corporate team games.

Customized specifications for:
  • Different sizes
  • Different number of pieces
  • Comes assembled ready for drawing on
as low as $1.35
custom size jigsaw

Custom requirements?

If you have specific requirements for your jigsaw puzzle such as the below list, we can manufacture it for you.

Customized specifications for:
  • puzzle size and shape
  • number of pieces
  • puzzle piece shapes
  • custom box
  • etc...

CreateJigsawPuzzles.com Help You Create Your Own Jigsaw Puzzles for Sale

Welcome to CreateJigsawPuzzles.com! We are a major manufacturing company for the board game industry. We have more than 30 years of experience helping our customers design and print their custom games. We offer an easy-to-use online puzzle maker to help you to design and print your own custom jigsaw puzzles at scale for reselling. Our puzzles are top quality because we use the best materials and the latest technology. We have a large client list, all of which can vouch for our high-quality products and convenient customer support.

Our puzzle printing services are ideal for gaming and marketing industries interested in printing a large amount of puzzles for reselling, Designing and printing your personalized puzzles couldn’t be easier. First upload your custom image/photo to our online puzzle maker, then preview and order your puzzles online – even bulk orders. We offer full color printing, a variety of shapes, styles and different sizes for your needs. We have heart-shaped, double-sided, magnetic and many more! We use cutting edge printing and production technology, so you can rest assured that your custom jigsaw puzzles are top quality.

Need your shipment in a hurry? We have a very fast turnaround time. No matter the size of your order, your puzzles will be printed and shipped in as little as 5-6 days! If you have any questions or problems, we offer customer support, such as technical help and advice for making your own custom board game.

So don't delay, design and print your high-quality, custom jigsaw puzzles today for your business.

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