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This is the most common form of jigsaw puzzles where the puzzle pieces are regular shaped just like the piece in our company logo. The shape is world renown and are standard. Perfect for any person looking for a traditional shaped jigsaw set.

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Irregular cut, Victorian cut or knob style cut jigsaw puzzles as its sometimes known, are a less common form of jigsaw puzzles but are equally as popular and poses more of a challenge. The puzzle pieces are cut irregularly and shaped like knobs which makes this option a growing fun trend.

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The most common form of guest book puzzles for weddings are engraved wooden puzzles which we have a large selection of. Our wooden wedding guest book puzzles comes in different sizes and number of pieces to fit your number of guests.

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Get one of your best couple photos printed into the large middle piece on our photo guest book puzzle range in full color through LED UV printed technology. Our guest book wooden puzzles comes in a range of sizes and pieces to fit your needs.

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A fun and unique tree shaped alternative to the standard guest book puzzle. The puzzle pieces have irregular cuts and you are able to customize two special heart shaped pieces with your choice of photo print, text engrave or left plain.

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Whimsy puzzles are fun. We have 2 custom whimsy puzzles for cat and dog lovers where you can now customize a whimsy puzzle with cat and dog puzzle pieces.

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A complete puzzle set but you define the number of rows and columns and personalized each piece individually. Great for companies showing office staff, sports teams, schools etc. Add and remove as you need.

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Great for creating a mosaic type personalized jigsaw puzzle. You create as many puzzle pieces as you need and assemble them in any way you like. Comes with heart shaped or normal connectors which makes this great for weddings and anniversaries.

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Need a wooden guest book puzzle but can't find a set which matches your number of guests? We have the perfect solution for you. Order as many pieces as you have guests. All pieces fit together and comes in heart shaped connectors too.

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Premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzles
Premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzles

If you're into jigsaw puzzles and you haven't gotten a custom made wooden jigsaw puzzle set yet, now is the time as we have just included our wood range to our site following popular demand. We have added a large range of wooden jigsaw puzzles for you to personalize including 6 different sizes ranging from mini wooden jigsaw sets to full blown large wooden jigsaw sets with 1000 pieces measuring 19.75 x 28 inches in size. We're looking to grow this range into huge sizes so watch this space.

Our options
Our options

As well as adding 6 different sizes, we have more options for you to further personalize your wooden jigsaw puzzle including different print types and different types of puzzle cutting, i.e. Regular cut and Irregular/Victorian cut. We use premium grade plywood material measuring 3mm in thickness to ensure a long lasting gift set.

Two types of printing options: [see details]

  • Premium direct UV print
  • Professional print
State-of-the-art Production

For printing you can choose our professional or premium direct UV methods, each producing high quality print outs, the difference being the latter method is a direct to wood print using cutting edge LED UV technology. The professional option is an indirect printing method allowing us to lower the cost. We also have traditional cut and irregular or as it is sometimes known as Victorian cut jigsaw puzzle pieces. The latter is by far more challenging as they are less conventional compared to the traditional cut. Read more about these different types on our product page.

A complete gift solution
A complete gift solution

Making your own wooden jigsaw puzzles has gotten very easy where you can upload your photo and preview online before buying. Our larger size custom wooden jigsaw puzzles comes with a beautiful inner sack for you to put your unassembled puzzle pieces which makes this a premium gift to give to anyone of any age.

  • Material:
    Production by laser cutting technology. Contains a campfire scent on the wooden pieces.
    • Professional - 3mm plywood + 10pt C1S cardboard
    • Premium direct UV - 3mm plywood
  • Cut:
    • Regular cut
    • Irregular/Victorian cut
  • Packaging options (per set):
    • Poly bag (included)
    • Inner sack: Comes with a 100% 8oz cotton canvas inner sack for putting your unassembled puzzle pieces into. Included for sizes 8x10 inches, 12x16.5 inches, 18x24 inches, 19.75x28 inches
    • Envelope included for sizes 3.5x5 inches, 5x7 inches
    • Plain box (add per set)
    • Image box (add per set)
    • Custom box - completely customized by downloading our template (min. order 30, add per set)
Blank wooden puzzles
Blank wooden puzzles

If it's a blank wooden puzzle that you're looking for to do your own crafting on, we have those too at different sizes and number of pieces.

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