Sell Your Puzzles on MarketPlace

You set the prices, no upfront costs!

Why open a shop?

Have you ever thought about putting your jigsaw puzzles designs up for sale? You now have this amazing opportunity to share your designs worldwide for profit. We take care of all your order logistics, shipping to your customers worldwide; our customer service team help to answer all enquiries, all you have to do is put your original design product online, promote it, customers buy it and you will get paid. More importantly, marketplace offers zero set-up cost, zero upfront cost, zero handling cost, zero inventory cost as well as zero risk.

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How can I earn?

Your design could be sold on each and every product of your choice. You may set your own pricing to each product you sell. charges a base cost only, which is the cost to manufacture, pack and deliver the product, the remaining is yours to keep. You decide how much you want to sell your product for, the higher price you mark up, the more you can earn.

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How does it work?

It's easy to sell your work on, all you need to do is select a product type of your choice, upload your artwork through our online builder as if you were going to place an order, then the item will be listed in your shop.

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How does it work?


Does it cost me anything to open my shop at MarketPlace?

No. It's completely free of charge. All we charge is a 5% handling fee on your product sales earnings and product base price.

Is shipping included?

The customer who placed the order pays for the shipping cost. They choose their preferred shipping method during checkout and our online system will calculate the exact amount. You can see the shipping costs and shipping times here.

How do I create a product with my design?

You can create a product with your designs by using's easy-to-use online builder. Just choose the product that you wish to add your design to to sell and follow the screen prompts to submit your design.

Are there any limitations on the number of designs/products that I can sell?

No. We have no limits on the number of designs/products that you wish to sell on our MarketPlace. We'd say, the more the merrier and of course, the more you will earn. Bring it on!

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Tips to increase sales

Read up on our tips on how to improve awareness and increase exposure of your designs to potential buyers to boost your sales performance. Doing these simple things will help ensure you're getting the most out of your uploaded designs.

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