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Custom Key Ring Puzzle

Custom Key Ring Puzzle

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Custom Key Ring Puzzle


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Personalized Puzzle Keyring

Most of the time key rings are dull, boring and hold no special meaning but our set of car keys or house keys are always put to use on a daily basis so why not make them more relevant? Our silver matte key ring comes in the universal jigsaw puzzle shape. Customize your puzzle key ring by choosing your favorite artwork or graphic so your set of keys can be more relevant for yourself and your own style. Or customize a set of puzzle key rings marked with a significant date, name(s) or initial(s) to engrave onto your set of keys for your group of best friends or for create a set for your family, so you can all be reminded of a celebrated date, milestone or friendship anniversary every time they use their keys. The custom puzzle key ring also makes a lovely keepsake. Order a pair of matching key rings for yourself and a loved one, engraved with a piece of meaningful artwork or graphic that symbolizes your relationship plus a significant date, names or initials, whether you’re in a long distance relationship or live just a few miles away, it’s a sweet way to remind them of you every time they take out their set of keys.

The puzzle key ring comes in the standard jigsaw puzzle shape, if bought in a pair or a set they can be connected horizontally. The key ring comes in a silver matte color which can be engraved with your own designs, images and texts. The key ring is durable and comes with a metal key ring to link up to your set of house keys or car keys for a sturdy and secure hold.

Steps to create a puzzle necklace

  1. Choose to create a single or double sided necklace puzzle
  2. Enter our necklace piece puzzle maker
  3. Add your message or some text as you want
  4. Style the added text by changing font type, size and positioning
  5. Preview your design and add to cart

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1000 piece plain double-sided jigsaw puzzle. 6 color option. See more

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