Custom Invitation Puzzles

Create your own invitation puzzle

Small Custom Invitation Puzzles
3.5x5 inches [24pcs]

Our small invitation puzzle is customizable measuring 3.5x5 inches with 24-piece puzzles. Made from high quality cardboard with lamination and a glossy finish. Perfect for business promotions and personal invitations to any event at lowest prices.

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5x7 Inch Invitation Puzzles
5x7 inches [12pcs]

Customize your invitations with any image and text on 12-piece jigsaw puzzles. These 5x7 inch custom puzzle cards includes an envelope great for wedding or corporate events.

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5x5 Inch Invitation Puzzles
5x5 inches [12pcs]

Make use of your square Instagram photos and get them printed onto these 5x5 inches square invitation sized puzzles with 12 pieces. Comes with an envelope.

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6x6 Inch Invitation Puzzles
6x6 inches [12pcs]

Go one size larger with our 6x6 inches square invitation puzzles. Perfect for your social media photos such as Instagram without cropping out any of the original photo.

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Mini Puzzles
MiniPuz 3x4 inches [154pcs]

The MiniPuz is the world's smallest personalized jigsaw puzzle with 154 tiny plastic puzzle pieces, a choice of colored stands and a matching box set, perfect for the ultimate invitation gimmick.

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Engraved Acrylic Puzzles
Engraved Acrylic Puzzles

Engrave your personalized message onto a transparent acrylic puzzle with beautiful foiled surrounding pattern.

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Tube Puzzles
Tube Puzzles [150pcs]

A small puzzle in a plastic tube with screw lid. Contains 150 small puzzle pieces which can be customized both front and back.

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See sample custom small puzzle designs in this size:

Design Own High Quality Photo Puzzle

Photo Collage

(Total: 7 items)

High Quality Custom Puzzle Invitation For Any Occasion


(Total: 2 items)

6x6 Inches Two Sided Invitation Puzzle

Double-sided Jigsaw Puzzles

(Total: 10 items)

6 Inch Square Invitation Puzzle

Wedding & Anniversary

(Total: 8 items)

Design Your Own Unique Invitation Puzzle for Your Next Event

Are you looking for a unique invitation? What about a jigsaw puzzle? Our 5 x 7 inch personalized invitation puzzles are perfect for corporate events, weddings and parties – and add an extra element of fun!

Our rectangular-shaped, 12-piece puzzle invitations can be customized with up to 12 photos or images, colors and text depending on the design you choose. You can also select from a variety of different styles for your jigsaw invitation such as two-sided, magnetic or vertical or horizontal. It’s easy to create your puzzle using our online puzzle maker. Simply upload a photo or image, select from a variety of colors and styles, add your custom message, preview and order your invitation puzzles! For a wedding invitation puzzle, you can include a photo of the bride and the groom along with details about the event. For a corporate event puzzle, you can include logos of the participating companies and key information. But you can be sure that your custom puzzle invitations will be fun and unique!

We have recently added a new smaller size measuring 3.5" x 5" selling from as low as each which make this custom small puzzle a great low price promotional gift that's effective and gets attention. Contains 24 pieces.

Trust a leading board game company to print and ship your puzzles within a week of placing the order. We use the highest quality materials, including durable cardboard that is laminated with a glossy finish. Each puzzle is 2 mm thick and includes an envelope for each. For 1-8 sets of puzzle invitations, you will receive your puzzles assembled and shrink wrapped. For orders of 9 or more sets, your invitation puzzles will be delivered unassembled in a clear plastic bag.

If you have questions about designing your jigsaw invitations or want to track your order, visit us online or contact customer support via phone, email or letter. We can help you with technical issues, questions about the order process or advice for designing your puzzle invitations.

If you aren’t looking for an invitation puzzle, check out our line-up of other customizable puzzles.

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