Increasing Your Sales on Marketplace

Here's our tips to help you increase your shop exposure on our Marketplace to improve your sales with CJP.

1. What's your design?

Use a good descriptive title which is unique to your product design. A specific and "to the point" product name is better than a generic one so people at least know what your product is at first glance. Also to keep it short and sweet, between 3-6 words is perfect.

For example:
"Flower jigsaw puzzles" is better than " jigsaw puzzles" and "Family jigsaw puzzles" is better than "Family".

If you're one of the culprits, then you can change it here! or through the link below! If you have done already, then well done, you're on the right track.

2. Adding Keywords

Adding keywords or tags to your custom puzzles is important to make it possible for potential buyers to find your design via a search engine like Google. Think about what these people might type when they are looking for a jigsaw puzzle like yours.

For example:
If you had a jigsaw puzzles with a sports theme you might use "Sports Jigsaw Puzzles", "Football Jigsaw Puzzles" or you might go into it in more detail like "American Football Illustrated Jigsaw Puzzles ". You can add as many keywords are you want. The more the better but must be directly related to your design. Separate your keywords using commas.

If you haven't added keywords yet, then you can change it here! or through the link below! If you have done already, then well done, you're on the right track.

3. Write about your design

What are you selling? What is your design? What's the background to it? How did you come up with it? Potential buyers want to know the answers to this and if you haven't bothered to write about your Jigsaw Puzzles, then it's likely they won't bother buying it either. Explain your design and give more details about it or if it has a story, then provide details to it. The more specific information you write in the description part, the higher the potential audience reach. Your description here should be unique and should contain some of the keywords you used when you set up the keywords/tags part. Make good use of the 300 words space you have here.

If you hadn't bothered writing a good long description yet, then you can write it here or through the link below! If you have done already, then well done, you're on the right track.

4. Categorizing

Did you know you can choose up to 3 categories that your jigsaw puzzle design project can show up in? Make use of this to increase your impressions (number of times that you design will show up in front of potential buyers). Make sure that the categories that you choose to put your design in is directly related. If in doubt, leave it out.

If you haven't taken advantage of this yet, then you can choose your categories here. If you have done already, then well done, you're on the right track.

5. Product shots

Imagery is vital when it comes to online shopping. What you use as you main product shot is therefore very important as it is the first thing that a shopper will see. While you can opt to use our default image, we would highly recommend you to upload your own to stand out from the rest and to attract shoppers. You can upload up to 3 photos so do take advantage of this. Why not order 1 yourself and take some photos and touch them up before uploading them back to us.

If you haven't uploaded your own product shot photos to your designs, you can do that through the link below by locating your design and clicking on the edit link.

6. Promote Your Shop Space

Now that you've uploaded and setup your design for sale, what's next? Now you need customers. When you setup your design on MarketPlace, you also had to setup your Shop Space where you can find the URL address through the link below. Your Shop Space is basically your online shop address containing all your designs for sale and you should use it to promote your items to potential customers. You know your design best so you should know where you would likely find your potential buyers. Think of online communities, forums like Reddit, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc. If you don't promote your designs, don't expect to get much in return. Note that we will also promote designs uploaded to our MarketPlace but note that you need to do your part to maximize your sales potential.

7. What's your price?

You've got a fantastic design, now what price are you going to sell it at? This is a difficult one as you don't want to set it at a price so high that people cannot afford to buy it and you don't want to sell it too low that you can't make any profit from it. Check out the market price for something similar to what you are preparing to sell. Check out the pricing that our other designers on our MarketPlace has set for their designs. When you have decided on a good price to set your design at, you can go to the link below to find your design and click on the edit link where you can set your mark up above our base price.

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