Setup Help or File Conversions

If you would like help on account and product setup or help on file type conversions, please see our rates below and fill in the form for our help. We will get right back to you ASAP if we require further information from you and a payment link for this service to continue.

  1. Standard setup ( per product item)
    This option is for users who don't have the time to design the product by themselves or who simply would prefer to have us help them set everything up.

    What does this option include?
      • Send us your image files using the form below and let us know how you would like your images to be setup onto which chosen product.
      • We will setup your images onto the product and add it into your account. If you don't have an account yet, we will create one for you.
      • Once ready, we will send you a link for preview and place order. You can still make further modifications to this product/order as required.
      • (Note: Maximum file upload size is 100MB)

  2. Image file manipulation ( per image output)
    If you need help on file conversions to a format that is accepted on our builder or need help on file modifications, we can help you.

    What does this option include?
      • File conversions to acceptable formats e.g. PDF to JPEG etc
      • Image resizing to fit product
      • Image modification/editing
      • (Note: Maximum file upload size is 100MB)

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