World's Smallest & Trendiest Personalized Puzzle

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We have developed the world's 1st & smallest personalizable jigsaw puzzle gift set using new bespoke tools and printing methods.

About this project


What's the story?

We all put a jigsaw puzzle together at one point in our lives, most likely when we were a kid and then you grew up and that was the end of it. We're here to turn back time by modernizing the traditional puzzle, turning it into a set that you'll want to own.

MiniPuz is a great new way to turn your favorite photos into 154 amazing little puzzle pieces that can be put together and displayed anywhere beautifully on the included colored stand.

154 piece mini puzzle154 piece mini puzzle

The MiniPuz (which you guessed it, is short for Mini Puzzle), is the perfect, most attractive and more importantly, super-fun and a very practical little keepsake gift for any occasion such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. It's also for anyone. For her or for him, they will all love this very collectible item. Perfect for displaying your friends, family, teams, pets or for showing off your best photography shots, whether at home or at the office.



Is this the world's smallest personalized puzzle?

Our MiniPuz is most likely the world's smallest personalized puzzle coming in at 3.1" x 3.9" (77mm x 99mm). There are small puzzles out in the market but none of which are as small with 154 pieces (each piece measuring approximately 7 x 7 millimeters in size, 11 x 14 rows and columns) and can be personalized with your image/photo files with no minimum production runs. What's more, the MiniPuz will come complete with a tiny stand and a matching personalized box.

The world's smallest personalized pieceThe world's smallest personalized piece

Compared to a dimeCompared to a dime

A complete set in the palm of your handA complete set in the palm of your hand

Complete puzzle set next to a standard mugComplete puzzle set next to a standard mug

The appeal

Much market research and analysis have been made prior to MinPuz's concept creation. We listened to many of our existing customers' feedback before developing this new puzzle which is so much more practical and attractive than the conventional jigsaw puzzle set (that seems to have lost its huge appeal that it once had before digital games grew in popularity and became widespread).


We believe the uniqueness, attractiveness, cuteness and practicalness of MiniPuz will drive it to success and we are sure it'll be hugely popular as an individual keepsake gifts during birthdays, weddings, anniversaries as well as for companies using them as promotional corporate gifts with a twist.

New Technology & Development

Since the piece size for this puzzle is far smaller than the normal jigsaw puzzles that we and the industry are used to producing, the most challenging aspect was to develop a completely new production method just for this one product.

High Impact Polystyrene plastic materialHigh Impact Polystyrene plastic material

Getting the puzzle to where it is now, which is beautiful and robust, took us well over a year. The puzzle has been upgraded multiple times and we are upgrading it once again, but this time we have changed so much to it, we're really happy with the results and hence the creation of this project. Originally using more traditional methods of printing i.e. silk screen on more common plastic material, ABS through injection molding. We also had a wooden version with less pieces and tried a transparent plastic and printed on the underside so the image would appear through the plastic.

After deciding to start again from scratch and put in a new budget to redevelop this product and again after another round of countless tests using different new found printing methods and materials using pre and post production treatments, we found a combination that works amazingly and is able to produce a product that we are so very proud of. Without releasing too much detail and in short, we used a half automation pressing process and print using LED UV technology. The results are astounding which you can see in the photos here.

The size of the puzzle have also gotten progressively smaller with smaller pieces.

High Impact Polystyrene plastic material High Impact Polystyrene plastic material

LED UV technology printing LED UV technology printing

The MiniPuz Set

The newly developed concept of this mini puzzle set will include a choice of colored stands (white, red, or brown which were added and chosen as popular colours for frames). The idea is that the puzzle doesn't get stored away like other puzzles and can be used to replace an ordinary much more boring photo in a frame. The stand will allow you to sit your puzzle on for easy display at home on the mantel piece, on your dresser or in the office desk. What's more, all puzzle sets will come with a specially developed bonus matching personalized gift tuck box which wil show a picture of your puzzle image. A perfect gift set that anyone would be happy to receive.

Full package Full package (personalized gift box, puzzle pieces and stand)

Choice of colored stands Choice of colored stands

The MinPuz with your photo The MinPuz with your photo

Stretch Goals

$5000: If we reach this funding goal, we will develop a double-sided personalized MiniPuz. Wonderful and double the fun.

We may have more later. Let's see how it goes!


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