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Small Wooden Engraved Jigsaw Puzzle Card

Small Wooden Engraved Jigsaw Puzzle Card


3.5"x5" (88.9mm×127mm)
5"x7" (127mm×177.8mm)
8"x10" (203mm×254mm)
12"x16.5" (310mm×418mm)
18"x24" (457mm×610mm)
19"x19" (483mm×483mm)
19.75"x28" (502mm×711mm)
29.5"x38.5" (749mm×978mm)
29.53"x38.58" (750mm×980mm)
34.25" x 43.30" (870mm x 1100mm)
41.73" x 58.27” (1060mm x 1480mm)
41.73" x 71.26” (1060mm x 1810mm)

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