Acrylic Pour 26 - Number 1 - 120 Pieces

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Puzzle Number One
  • Dimensions: 8.45'' x 15.2'' (316.5mm x 386mm)
  • Number of pieces: 120
  • Packaging: Image box
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Acrylic Pouring is an art technique at the opposite end of the scale of my Tangled Line Art Designs. Where Tangled Line Art is very exacting and precise, the outcome of creating Acrylic Pouring pieces is quite random. Basically, in Acrylic Pouring, acrylic paints are mixed to a pouring consistency and then poured onto your chosen substrate. The substrate is then tilted manually to allow the colours to mix and mingle

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Designed by: Bev Donohoe
See my Tangled Line Art shop for your unique challenging custom jigsaw. Choose from a variety of designs in many sizes.
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