Asian Pears Hanging on the Tree

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Square Plastic Puzzle 7X7 Inches
  • Dimensions: 6.5'' x 6.5'' (161mm x 161mm)
  • Number of pieces: 25
  • No minimum purchase. Buy 1 set for

Asian Pears are very sweet and juicy. They are full of vitamins and are a very healthy food which in North America are best picked in mid September. Many people mistakenly call them pear apples or apple pears. They have nothing to do with apples. They tend to be too juicy to use for many baking recipes but if dehydrated some first, they can be used. Photo By James Cousineau

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Seller's information:
Designed by: James Cousineau
From the photo collection of James Cousineau at ProPics Canada Media Ltd.
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