Flutterby Freedom 2000 Jigsaw Puzzle

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Custom Giant 2000 Piece Photo Puzzle
  • Dimensions: 29.53'' x 38.58'' (750mm x 950mm)
  • Number of pieces: 2000
  • Card stock:Professional
  • Packaging: Image Box
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My Tangled Line Art Designs are all hand drawn and are created by drawing straight lines to create parabolic curves within a geometric base design. Many of my pieces are based on traditional quilt block designs. This piece is based on a quilt block called Flying Geese. Many different designs could be achieved by beginning with the same outline simply by adding the parabolic curves is varying combinations. Please visit my webpage at tangledlineart to see my other Tangled Line Art pieces.

Design ref: 181704315087

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Designed by: Bev Donohoe
See my Tangled Line Art shop for your unique challenging custom jigsaw. Choose from a variety of designs in many sizes.
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