Glacier & Bernina Express Poster, Switzerland, The Society of International Railway Travelers

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500 or 70-Piece High-Quality Custom Puzzle
  • Dimensions: 18'' x 24'' (457mm x 610mm)
  • Number of pieces: 500
  • Card stock:Professional
  • Packaging: Image box
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The Swiss hail the Glacier Express as the worlds slowest express train. It takes almost eight hours and the services of two private, narrow-gauge railroads to traverse the 168 mountainous miles between two posh resortsZermatt and St. Moritz. The spectacular Bernina line, meanwhile, makes the Alps highest railway crossing. It reaches more than 7,391 feet, above the tree line, at the Bernina Pass. The trip ends at Tirano, a subtropical Italian paradise, at just 1,408 feet.

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Designed by: Steve Sebree, Art Director
Dream Time: World's Top 25 Trains® jigsaw puzzles! Plan your next trip on one of our fabulous luxury trains.
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