Hansel and Gretel Jigsaw Puzzle

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Custom 70 or 500-Piece Puzzle for Puzzle Company
  • Dimensions: 18'' x 24'' (457mm x 610mm)
  • Number of pieces: 70
  • Card stock:Professional
  • Packaging: Custom box
  • No minimum purchase. Buy 1 set for

Hansel & Gretel have discovered a large gingerbread house deep in the forest. It tastes so good to eat, but watch out for witch This search-and-find scene from the "Where's the Bunny?" series has characters and objects from the story printed along the bottom of the jigsaw, for you to find. Two puzzles in one! Also find the Easter Bunny and 10 Easter Eggs in every scene from this jigsaw puzzle series. 70 large pieces, perfect for kids aged 5+

Design ref: 182003439634

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Designed by: Chuck Whelon
Exclusive, story-filled, cartoon search-and-find scenes, from children's book Illustrator Chuck Whelon
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