Lobster's Reef - Cleaner Shrimp and Crab (Easy)

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Custom Textured 500 Piece Puzzle 19 Square Inch
  • Dimensions: 19'' x 19'' (483mm x 483mm)
  • Number of pieces: 500
  • Puzzle stock:Eska Premium Quality
  • Packaging: Image box
  • No minimum purchase. Buy 1 set for

A picture of two cleaner shrimp and a hermit crab from my reef aquarium. This is the "easy" 500 piece version; a 1,024 piece version is also availableStarted on 26 June 2022, my reef tank can be found on various social media sites such as Instagram and Twitch to follow its progression from the very beginning.

Design ref: 182208721177

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Seller's information:
Designed by: Lobster
Selling merch from Lobster's Reef on Twitch/Instagram
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