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Kim Renga

Life is so much more than what we do. It's about who we are and who we were always meant to be. Hi, I'm Kim Renga, founder of Reimagining Life Today!, a new, cutting-edge educational and training hub to help inspire and transform individuals on every level using the most powerful digital media resources available today. Content comes in so many forms--audio, video, print and more. I gained a love for puzzles in my pre-teens whether it was word puzzles or jigsaws. They helped further develop my creativity and my ability to communicate along with a deep sense of personal focus. As a content creation specialist, I hope to bring together the best of both worlds: my love for language and the beauty of the image to present a line of puzzles that are enjoyable, relaxing, inspirational and even educational. I hope you make the Reimagining Life Puzzles Shop a regular stop for your jigsaw puzzle fun.

Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

Flag Over Manhattan

Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

Water Flowing American Flag

Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

Vintage Liberty American Flag

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