Wedding or Party Guest Book Puzzles Samples

The Perfect Alternative Wedding/Party Guestbook with Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

16 x 12 wedding collage-puzzle 16 x 12 inch wedding collage-puzzle

Want Something Special For Your Invitation?

Are you searching for guest book to your party? Want something new other than the traditional one? Whatever you're having a wedding, baby shower, birthday or other parties, you are now available to design guestbook puzzles to your personal style on This is such a fun idea to let your wedding or baby shower guests be integral parts of creating a piece of art for the memorable moments.

8 x 10 inch wedding photos puzzle 8 x 10 inch wedding photos puzzle

Instead of signing guests' names in an actual book, signing on puzzle pieces with their blessings would be the new trend for party guestbook. After the party you could spend some time reading the messages and putting each puzzle piece together. You could even consolidate them in a frame and hang it on the wall. It is meaningful to review them over years. For something unique and creative, having a guestbook puzzle would be your new choice at your wedding, baby shower or your big day!

16 x 12 wedding photo puzzle 16 x 12 inch wedding photo puzzle

3 Steps To Done! offers you a plenty of choices on sizes and number of pieces to create your guestbook puzzle. You would find various templates on our online jigsaw maker assisting you in whole design processes. With only 3 steps (uploading the image, adding personal messages and previewing), your unique guestbook would be done!

285pcs anniversary puzzle 285pcs anniversary puzzle

Our Diversified Products

Our personalized jigsaw puzzles come in a large range of designs assisting you in creating your own on various sizes of 19.75 x 28 inch, 18 x 24 inch, 12 x 16.5 inch, 8 x 10 inch and 5 x 7 inch. You could opt to add up to 30 photos into a puzzle by selecting the template in collage puzzles. You could also choose the number of puzzle pieces depending on the number of guests to your party. 54-piece, 72-piece, 100-piece, 285-piece or 500-piece would be best fit for your guestbook. Of course, you can make it magnet or stand as you please.

7 x 5 inch thank you card 7 x 5 inch thank you card

We Dedicate The Best To You

We have 30 years of game printing, and you have our words giving you high quality and fast worldwide delivery within 5 days. You could design whatever you want with any photos or messages. Now, start your design today getting your guests into your party, by not only signing a name on it, but essential part piecing your previous moment together!

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