Personalized Portrait Gift Card

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  • Custom photo and message on the front and back of card
  • Card Type: 5" x 7" flat
  • Finish: glossy front and back
  • Paper: premium cardstock
  • Sold individually, includes an envelope
  • Envelope measures 5.25" x 7.25"

Image file tips:

Color Mode: RGB or CMYK for color images, Grayscale for black and white

Images accepted: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF
(Need help on file conversions?)

Image resolution: Minimum 150 dpi

Bleeding: Please allow 3-6mm (approx 18-36 pixels based on a 150dpi image) each side for bleeding. Read more about image uploads here.

Video tutorial:

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Looking for unique invitation cards or thank you cards for your jigsaw puzzles? Look no further and create your own invitation cards online. It is easy and quick to create your own photo cards using our simple web-based editing tool which is good for quick picture editing. To get started, select a pre-designed photo card template, you can then use the editing tools to insert your uploaded photos to it. Double click the picture on the personalized cards to resize, crop and rotate. You can even add custom message on your personalized invitations. Before placing order, you can see a full colour review of your photo cards to make sure every detail on it is perfect. Each 5x7 flat custom invitation card comes with an envelope.

Product code: PS111109-02 In Stock

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We are a world reknown board game printing company with many capabilities. If you have any further customization needs such as tailor-made die cut molds for different outer-shape and number of pieces, different box shapes, hot stamping with foil, glow in the dark, lenticular puzzles, please contact our experienced sales and technical team. If you would like us to help you on setting up your product completely, we have just the right service for you. See details.

Customer testimonial

"My brother was getting married so I decided to do a puzzle for him & his wife, using CJP's double sided options. I actually did three puzzles, all double sided, and I wanted them in a single box. I contacted Create Jigsaw Puzzles, and they made this quite easy. The only problem I ran into was getting my box image uploaded, which I suspect was due to the size of my image (I provided a 600PPI image, and tried a couple smaller sizes, but the upload process always timed out). I provided them with a dropbox link to the image and everything went smoothly. In fact, I had the puzzles in about a week, so that was fast turnaround time. The boxes looked amazing, and with the shrink wrap, I really didn't want to ruin that nice new look, but I really wanted to see how the puzzles turned out inside. Each was contain in its own plastic bag. I asked if they could be mixed together, but I was informed that wasn't possible. I chose a larger box than is normal for the puzzle size, to make sure they would fit. I made 3 500-piece puzzles, which fit nicely with room to spare in the 2000 piece box. These puzzles were probably the highest quality puzzles I've ever seen. The cardboard stock was extra sturdy, almost feeling more like fiberboard than cardboard. Printing was flawless, and not a single piece was bent or peeling. I ordered two copies, one for me so I could see the quality, and one for my brother. I was very impressed, both with the quality of workmanship, and the quality of service, especially since I had some custom requirements. Everything turned out better than I expected. "
David Jerrard, Glendale United States

$0.45 - $1.95
$0.45 - $1.95

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Personalized 5X7 Photo Gift Card

Personalized 5X7 Photo Gift Card

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