Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why can't I get your product builder to work properly?

A. In order for our product builder to run optimally and smoothly, your internet browser must meet certain requirements which you can check out our compatibile browsers page.

Q. Why does my images takes an age to upload?

A. Your images may take a long time to upload due to a variety of reasons including the below:

  • Your images are very large in size
  • You selected too many images to upload in the one go
  • You have a slow internet connection
  • Your PC or Mac is an old machine
  • Experiencing high load on your network
  • Timed out

If you are experiencing problems during your image upload, you can try to reduce the number of images that you upload in the one go (for example selecting to upload 5 images will be a lot faster than selecting 50 images). Spread them out on different batches for upload. If this doesn't solve your problem on multiple attempts, you can try to do it again 5-10minutes later when your network is less busy.

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