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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting help with your design

Q. Can you provide assistance on artwork design?

A. Yes. We have inhouse designers who can assist you with your design if required. Contact us for more details.

Q. Can you do a complete artwork design service for me?

A. We currently do not provide a full design service but what we can do is assist you to add a simple design onto jigsaw puzzles for print e.g. sending us an existing company logo or artwork that you wish to have printed onto puzzles.

Q. Can you help me setup my cards on the cards designer?

A. Yes, please check out our services for helping customer do their entire setup here.

Q. Your cards designer doesn't accept my file. Can you help me do file format comversions?

A. Yes, please check out our services for file conversions/setup/modifications here.

Q. I don't want to use your online puzzlemaker. Can I deal directly with a sales person?

A. Yes, of course! You can choose to make your own puzzles using our easy to use online puzzlemaker but if you prefer to do it offline and have a member of staff help you throughout the process to getting your jigsaw puzzles, we welcome that too. Just contact us and our experienced staff will nbe happy to guide you through the process.

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